Homeschool: Mighty Migrators

Hey y'all! So, wonderful news: I am so blessed to now be a part of a small child-led homeschooling co-op! After a lengthy journey debating on whether or not to start a Prenda pod, a close friend and fellow homeschool mama of mine said "what's stopping us from starting up our own?" and since then,... Continue Reading →

Homeschooling: The Superpower Senses

Miss Bee got really into her senses a few weeks ago and we've been having a ball using our "superpowers" ever since! I remember when O was very into learning about her senses as well. We had so much fun diving into each sense together. We had even more fun this time around! Since we're... Continue Reading →

Homeschool Math: Horse Toss Place Value

You know what kind of games I love? The made up ones. They usually have simple rules to follow, if they have any rules at all. Sometimes there isn't even a winner or loser, as is the case of this game my kids and I made up together. I think math is one of the... Continue Reading →

Don’t Quiz My Kid

Picture this: You're chatting it up with a friend, co-worker, stranger and their child when the conversation of school pops up. Don't act like it doesn't happen. If there's a kid in the general vicinity, usually one of the first three questions they get asked is school related. Something along the lines of: "How's school... Continue Reading →

Finding Out Where Learning Happens

A few short years ago, I was the stereotypical "Instagram homeschooler." You know the ones, they plan out the cutest little lesson plans and snacks and share all that on their social media page. It was the "perfect little homeschool." a near shot for shot remake of school at home. And it wasn't helping my... Continue Reading →

Humble Brags Post #1

I've decided to try a new post for my blog. Often times I prevent myself from posting certain things because I fear it comes off as "braggy", and for whatever reason I seem to think that I'm not sure. It causes me to leave a ton of good material in the ever-growing draft folder and... Continue Reading →

Homeschooling? Take a Hike (Literally)

When we moved to NH a few years ago and I saw just how many beautiful trails and summits it had to offer, I knew we had to get into hiking. I love nature, I could take a walk anywhere that has some trees and dirt paths to follow. It wasn't until we moved here... Continue Reading →

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